Blossom of Choice
Experimental short, 7 min 54 sec

  • Director:
  • Tuğçe Evirgen Özmen
  • Script:
  • Tuğçe Evirgen Özmen
  • Cinematographer:
  • Tuğçe Evirgen Özmen
  • Starring:
  • Cansu Çolakoğlu & Tuğçe Evirgen Özmen
  • Production Manager & Camera Operator:
  • Efe Özmen
  • Camera Operator Assistant:
  • Onur Burak Yıldırım
  • VFX & Edit & Sound Design:
  • Tuğçe Evirgen Özmen


Blossom of Choice
is an experimental short film as an offering of healing through self-reflection and presence and as a reminder of the way life and nature are being shaped: constant change, where the meaning of beginnings and endings are replicated by the flower used in the film. The main character encounters a transformative path when the person in front of her becomes the mirror to herself, which leads to confrontation and unfolding the stiff roots she has fed all along: the resigned realities of ego. This path she leads herself into is where the ‘self’ meets its ‘being’ state—the awakened state of consciousness, the essence, beyond the limitations of self-concept and ego—and transcends and liberates itself from its constraints and stiff roots that weren't able to loosen and change. 

The film demonstrates the potential of film to express a trance state in which time and space are transformed. 

Blossom of Choice, Video Still1
Blossom of Choice, Video Still2
Blossom of Choice, Video Still3
Blossom of Choice, Video Still4

Tugce Evirgen Ozmen

Tuğçe Evirgen Özmen is a filmmaker and artist making experimental short films, video installations and drawings. 

Her works serve as visual representations of intricate spiritual concepts and the interconnectedness of human psychology. She particularly delves deeply into the 'being' state—the awakened state of consciousness, the essence, beyond the limitations of self-concept and ego—, the ‘self’ (self-concept/ego), and the existential balance between the two. The impact of both consciousness and subconscious states on the formation of perception, the construction of language and identity, and how it can be and does transcend itself are the main areas in which she portrays her interest through the lens of it.

She relies on an unconventional, metaphoric, and dream-like quality of narrative using a combination of techniques including live action, 2D animation, CGI, and compositing. She has shown her works in group shows both in Istanbul and the Bay Area, and had her first solo exhibition recently at staircase series in San Francisco. She graduated with a BA in Visual Communication Design from Sabanci University in Turkey and an MFA in animation/vfx/compositing in Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. She lives in Oakland and works in San Francisco.